Saturday, August 13, 2011

an a-DORA-ble idea!

Have I mentioned how much I love a themed party? well if I haven't... let me just say this--- I love a themed party!

My friend's daughter is turning two, and two of the daughter's most favorite things (in her short 2 years of existing, that is) are Dora the Explorer and cake pops. Imagine my delight when the mom asked me to come up with something for her Dora-themed birthday party this weekend.

My kids were never HUGE Dora fans, but I can definitely admit to having seen my fair share of episodes, as well as knowing the proper thing to say to a particularly klepto-prone fox named Swiper. So--- what Dora-based creation could I do in the form of a cake pop so as to seal my fate as the birthday girl's favorite baker? Visions of Dora heads and miniature purple monkeys began to dance in my mind. HOWEVER... this was supposed to be 'family fun week' in my house. A week full of family activities and togetherness to celebrate my husband actually having some time off of work! I decided to scrap the more labor-intensive ideas and go with something a little easier to recreate.... I decided on a centerpiece full of explorer stars.

RIGHT??? I know!! super cute! and fun!!! and while a *little* tricky with their shape... not so bad when using a star-shaped cookie cutter. And lets face it... having two buckets full of Explorer Stars is a TEENY bit more plausible (and personally decided a little less creepy) than having two centerpieces full of dora-heads on sticks. Seriously-- think about it. definitely better with the stars..... see?

So that, ladies and gents.... is that. 50 star-shaped cake pops artfully placed in two centerpieces later, and we have a nice theme-related addition to a Dora party. Oh, and a happy birthday girl. That's really the most important part!

So here's to Sienna! Happy 2nd birthday to an aDORAble girl! (get it? aDORAble? hahahahah)

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  1. May I ask how you did the cake pops? This looks awesome.